Optimizing Health & Cancer Outcomes With Functional Medicine

Optimizing Health and Cancer Outcomes with Functional Medicine” is a crucial companion guide to the groundbreaking book “Empowered Against Cancer.” This essential resource delves deeper into innovative testing and treatment options, empowering cancer patients to participate in their journey to recovery and wellness actively.

The book unveils the cutting-edge world of functional medicine testing, examining aspects such as nutritional status, systemic inflammation, metabolic health, and chronic stress to assess risk factors contributing to cancer development, progression, and recurrence. It also uncovers state-of-the-art tests that help identify genetic risks for various cancers and enhance the ability of healthcare providers to detect cancer presence or progression with remarkable accuracy.

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The in-book  Documents?

Whether you have read the book or not, feel free to download these documents from the book and use them to help start optimizing your health!

Food Sensitivity Questionnaire .PDF

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Food Reintroduction Calendar .PDF

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Food Restriction & Reintroduction Symptoms Tracker .PDF

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This compelling resource is a must-read for anyone seeking to optimize their health and improve cancer outcomes.

The book also explores the revolutionary concept of functional tumor sensitivity testing, which helps pinpoint the most effective drugs against specific cancer and underscores the crucial need for cancer survivors to assess their cardiovascular disease risks – many patients in remission are often unaware they face a heightened risk of such diseases.
This guidebook is an enlightening starting point for utilizing the latest tools to personalize and guide interventions and significantly improve health outcomes. To fully harness the power of these cutting-edge practices in cancer care, patients should seek a functional medicine-trained practitioner with experience working with cancer patients to join their care team.
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Dr. Brian Lawenda M.D.

Dr. Brian Lawenda, is a U.S. News & World Report “Top Doctor,” Harvard-trained radiation oncologist, Stanford/UCLA-trained medical acupuncturist, integrative oncologist, functional medicine practitioner and former Commander, in the U.S. Navy. He is a frequently invited lecturer and author of a wide-range of oncology articles and chapters in numerous academic journals and textbooks. This extremely unique and broad background has shaped Dr. Lawenda’s evidence-informed and balanced approach to patient education, cancer prevention and treatment employing state of the art conventional oncology interventions, natural and complementary therapies and anticancer lifestyle changes. His passion is evident in his care of each patient and his goal to improve the quality of life and outcomes for those around the world who visit this site. He is the Medical Director of GenesisCare (Kennewick, WA and Hermiston, OR).