Empowered Against Cancer

A Practical Guide for Anyone with Cancer. Before, During, and After Treatment.

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Optimizing Health & Cancer Outcomes With Functional Medicine

Optimizing Health and Cancer Outcomes with Functional Medicine” is a crucial companion guide to the groundbreaking book “Empowered Against Cancer.” This essential resource delves deeper into innovative testing and treatment options, empowering cancer patients to participate in their journey to recovery and wellness actively.

The book unveils the cutting-edge world of functional medicine testing, examining aspects such as nutritional status, systemic inflammation, metabolic health, and chronic stress to assess risk factors contributing to cancer development, progression, and recurrence. It also uncovers state-of-the-art tests that help identify genetic risks for various cancers and enhance the ability of healthcare providers to detect cancer presence or progression with remarkable accuracy.

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Empowered Against Cancer: Science-Based Strategies To Optimize Your Treatments and Thrive – A Practical Guide

Are you newly diagnosed with cancer? Currently in treatment? A cancer survivor who wants to play an active role in your recovery
and health optimization? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

People often feel disempowered and overwhelmed by a cancer diagnosis, treatments and what to do after treatment. With this book, we want to put you in the driver’s seat, no matter where you are in your cancer journey.

  • Partnering with your oncology care team to design a treatment plan that’s right for you

  • Integrative approaches to tackle cancer therapy side effects

  • How to bolster your body’s innate anticancer defenses

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Fills In The Gaps

I found “Empowered Against Cancer” gives many science-based tools, solutions, and information to gain and sustain a healthy optimistic lifestyle. This book fills in the blanks where most traditional approaches to cancer are lacking or simply don’t address questions or concerns about diet, exercise, stress, sleep. pain management, support, and living well! This book explains things in practical ways that are easy to understand and encouraging to implement. This is a must-read for anyone going through cancer or like me on the side of recovering wanting to thrive! 

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I’d recommend it to my future patients

As a person and as an oncologist, I truly enjoyed reading and thinking about the benefits of Empowered against Cancer. I’ve skimmed a few of these types of tomes, and they are commonly stentorian but ultimately unilluminating.  I enjoyed the honest forward – do we really need another one of these books? – and the authors go on to prove why this is the keeper on the bookshelf.  I also absolutely appreciated the last 2 chapters, particularly “Healing Mind and Spirit” because in the deluge of training that medical doctors go through, and in literature that’s out there as well, the mind and spirit are what are critically important and do not get discussed enough.  Laughter is underrated for healing – despite the cliché that it is the best medicine.  And bookended in between is what every cancer patient needs to plot – in breezy yet authoritative text – their course in uncharted seas.  It was a joy to peruse and easy to jump around as designed.  This is a wonderful book that I’d recommend to my future patients.
Jason Lukas, M.D. Ph.D., Assistant Clinical Professor, University of Washington

Meet Our Authors

BRIAN LAWENDA, MD is a Harvard-trained radiation oncologist and an expert in integrative oncology and functional medicine. The Medical Director for GenesisCare in Kennewick, Washington, he launched IntegrativeOncology-Essentials.com in 2009 as a way of sharing integrative oncology news and resources with patients. He has created IOEProgram.com, an online educational program covering many of the topics patients need to know before, during and after cancer treatment. www.doctorlawenda.com

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CONNER MIDDELMANN, BSC DIPION is a nutritionist specializing in the Mediterranean diet and a 22-year cancer survivor. Based in Boulder, Colorado, she is the author of Zest for Life, The Mediterranean Anti-Cancer Diet, founder of nutrition consultancy Modern Mediterranean, and works with individuals, groups and corporations all over the world. For more information, visit modernmediterranean.com.

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